lundi 6 août 2012

Networkvb : 1 platform as a service (PAAS), 3 networks and 5 steps

Don't waste more your time looking, organize your data on a single platform: yours.

You must know the life cycle of your data, then how to use them and where to find them also.

Thanks to the cloud, Networkvb create connectors between all your data in order to use them when you want and like you want without do nothing other.

open your data, it isn't only than Open Data or Linked Data. This technology improve your information system. Your data access is easier, faster and more focused.

3 networks : Intranet, Extranet and Internet

5 steps : a 5-star deployment scheme for Linked Open Data by Tim Berners-Lee, 5 access to your data by Vincent Barberot

You access to your data thanks to :
your knowledges,
those of the enterprise,
those of the ecosystem of the enterprise,
those of your digital presence on Web 2.0
and only at the end those of the search engine

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