lundi 13 avril 2009

Network Vincent BARBEROT ®

Hello everybody,Thanks for you to visit my profile.


I like the trips. The next trip : the Slovenia to meet my contacts, thanks to an event created by Andreja. More informations

Before, I will be in London :16th and 17th Avril 2009. I could meet my english contacts and my other contacts who will be in London in the same time.I would like to see my contacts in Morocco (Casablanca), in Switzerland (Genève), in Poland, in UK (London) 16th April 2009, in Brazil (Sao Paulo), in Asia (I like very much this area). It's the best tool for me to create a strong win-win business : the meet. In other countries as soon as possible.

I would like to help you :

Your goal is to be more effective in order to develop yourself all over the world. Your greatest asset for achieving, it is the information management in your company. One contact, one information in the right place at the right time, in one place, manage the real informations and the virtual network at the same time, in your company and your network.

How ?

By using partnerships, my first partner it's you. Which domains ? Knowledge management, business intelligence, semantic web, VoIP, ToIP, business development, ... Your best solution, build it together : your web 9.0Why am I here ?I'm about to start my own business. I would like to do an international launch in several countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, US, France, Poland, Roumania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, China, India, ...). Every local partner will represent my brand in its country and will have its own web 9.0

I would like to create a joint-venture in every country with my local partners to sell my products and my services thanks to the license of my brand, I can be their representant in France. Your web 9.0 will be a tool to be succeed your business : it's for every business, for every body, for every where,In every countries all over the world, I would like to share a task-force with you. In every task-force, the sectors will be : law, finance, communication, IT, marketing, HR, ...

Who am I ?

My professional life is combined with the international relations and the business creation : Belgium, The United Kingdom, The United States, Spain, Luxembourg. Each occasion is a reason to link relations with a new country. I always come back here. You understood it, I have a particular interest for the business management, the financial packages and generally the economic organization. I like to be in the heart of the things to bring you the best of myself.I work with a financial partner, to identify, structure and execute diverse and innovative public and private market transactions for corporations, financial institutions and goverments. Transactions include mergers, acquisitions, diverstitures, the issuance of equity or debt capital or a combination of these.Thanks to your projects, you can be a leader. I am about to create my own business.

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Maria Teresa Quirke Arrau a dit…

If you agree,i can be your partner in South America. Look at my linkedin profile. My name is Maria Teresa Quirke.Regards,